Winter of 2021

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Sometime around Feb. 10th. 2021 East Texas, specifically Music Springs, had the largest snowfall we have ever had.

The snow event happened twice during that week, which left 12” of the powdery stuff blanketed over our whole farm.

Then the temperature accompanied it like never before and didn’t let up for about 7-10 days. We got down to -2° F. We burned wonderful wood in the wood stove for heat the whole week without letting it burn out. So, blessed with our comfy cabin. My two wheel drive pick up couldn’t make it out from the carport, so taking the gator or my tractor were the only option for 4-5 days. Animals did fine and I had to break Ice everyday to get water for them.

Birds were crazy at the bird feeders. Onions planted before the storm were under the snow to avoid frostbite, so they did well and look good now. Many shrubs and trees in our landscape did not fair so well. Lost crapes, Camellias, Azaleas, Roses, Gardenias, and the huge Confederate Jasmin on the arbor. Never had it been a winter like this around here. Well, lots of work to do now as we rip out the old and plan for the new look.

Always fresh every spring and summer as we brace for the heat. Four seasons is what we have here, but usually not so severe. Time to open the pool!