Take 5

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When you visit our farm, you will no doubt experience some quiet, peace, beautiful surroundings and possibly meet new friends.

One thing is for certain, if you are searching for answers, wisdom, and the voice of God it will only take a short moment and He is willing to meet you there. Usually quieting our mind from the chaos of the world and to shake loose from the sounds of the distractions of city life gets us free to listen. That is what coming to Music Springs is for and why we do what we do.

Facilitating an experience and sharing the blessing prepares your heart before you even step foot on this ground, but when you do get ready to find what you search for. For example, taking a short walk on the Prayer Path behind the main venue begins with rough country leading to a siren canopy and trail of whispers in the leaves of the trees. Halfway up the trail is a bench where many have rested and quieted their soul to listen. Even the shape of the dogwood leaf is a heart to remind you of the Love God has for you because He just knows you in the search. Take 5 and see if He meets you there. Peace!