Pure Ground Gumbo Filé

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Music Springs farm thrives with many foraging plants and trees to complement the peaceful feeling and touches from God while you are here.

Sassafras trees grow here as volunteers in the wild along the forest edges and walking paths. The hosts and owners, Mike and Vicki Maxson want to offer a favorite spice for Gumbo lovers. We hand-pick the sassafras leaves fresh and process, grind and sift the purest Filé powder you will find.
Tips for using: Filé will be the last spice you will add after the soup or Gumbo is cooked and the burners are off, or what we recommend is adding it straight from the shaker to your bowl and stirring it in as a thickener. Enhancing the flavor of your favorite recipe is what Gumbo Filé is all about.

Music Springs can now fulfill your requests for fresh Gumbo Filé in 1.25oz bottles/ $10.95.  For larger quantities please let us know. Shipping available.

Our Sassy Spice House @ Music Springs is here to blend all your seasoning and spice needs.
We do all things Gumbo, as well as many other seasoning mixes for your convenience.

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