Prayer Path

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One thing you may enjoy at Music Springs Short-Term Vacation Rentals if you are a nature lover is a nice walk/hike in the woods.

Find a walking stick along the way and use it for your entire stay, then take it home with you as a token from your vacation rental.

Please stay upon the maintained trails for safety. You will enjoy the sounds of the wind in the trees and should always be ready for wildlife that may cross the paths.

There are deer, rabbits, squirrels, a variety of East Texas birds, and you may keep your eyes open for hogs, creepy crawly things, etc. This is country and country wilderness always brings new life to our woods.

Half way up one of the trails is a resting area with a bench for prayer and contemplation. It is so nice to sit among the dogwoods, oak and pines and hear what God is saying to your soul.

Sometimes slowing your pace to hear is just the right answer to many questions. Enjoy the peace!