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Wheat Berry Fodder

Music Springs is a working farm that we love to share with our guests.

We have a new project on-site in our small greenhouse of growing our own feed for our chickens and cows. It is the germination of wheat berries, which are considered (fodder).


While you are here, if you are interested in these things just ask to see the process and Mike will take you for a short walkthrough and explain the process. It is a new hobby but very resourceful and cost savings from buying feed is a huge factor. This process does not use soil, only water. From the first day of soaking the seed till the finished feed, it only takes 12 days.

One more way of using wheat berries is cooking and adding it to some of your favorite dishes and salads. Wonderful in a stir fry! If you see Mike around the property, ask him to show you or ask Vicki to set up a time for you to look and ask her how she cooked them.